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Preclinical Journey
Walking with you every step of the way LAHAV C.R.O is Israel’s largest pre-clinical center specialized in large animal studies. Your one-stop shop throughout the pre-clinical phase, we flexibly provide full support or customized programs from proof-of-concept to large-scale GLP. Play Video
meeting Define the project
with our experts
Consult with our insightful and experienced experts to make the right research decisions, right from the start.

Learn about the latest methodologies, new tools, and established best practices.

Together with our professional team, we can quickly structure the study, review the protocol, and then choose the ideal animal model.

Step 1
Prof. Ehud Schwammenthal
We find here very cooperative, highly skilled and very well trained a team of veterinary surgeons.
Prof. Ehud Schwammenthal Cardiologist, Entrepreneur
Create your checklist
we’ll get things done
Valuable guidance and proven methodologies prepare you for the study.

After facilitating decades of similar studies as well as dozens with uniquely demanding challenges, we’ve developed a knowing knack for assisting clients to avoid missteps and mistakes!

Our professional preparation includes:
  • Defining the work.
  • Ethical submission and approval.
  • Writing the protocol.
  • Preparing animal follow-up documents.
Step 2

Lahav is a friendly place where they are very obliging, we are able to do experiments which in other places would be extremely difficult to expedite.
Dr. Arnold miller Vascular Surgeon, Entrepreneur
Dr. Arnold miller
Step 3
Enjoy our full support on the day of the study Our schedulers and study support staff optimize your team’s time and effectiveness.

LAHAV’s fully equipped operation rooms offer complete surgical suites and advanced imaging.

Exceptional surgical staff and veterinarians support you before, during and after the study.

We are insightful professionals who can quickly resolve unplanned issues and last-minute surprises.

The staff is very courteous and very experienced in dealing with large animals starting from pre-operative intraoperative as well as post-operative care.
Dr. Shuli Silberman Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Dr. Shuli Silberman
Step 4
24/7 vet care
Continuous and conscientious care during and after the study.

Constant monitoring and regular follow-up by the veterinarian and animal technician assigned to your initiative includes:
  • Twice-daily animal technician inspection by our professional staff
  • Immediate and/or fast on-call veterinarian care around-the-clock.
  • Real-time reporting on the research subjects for true peace-of-mind.
  • Archival animal data reports document everything for your private reference.

We find here very cooperative, highly skilled and very well trained a team of veterinary surgeons.
Dr. David Meerkin Interventional cardiologist
Dr. David  Meerkin
Step 5
Conclude your research with organized results We will collect and organize the raw data, hand you the research notes, test results and final report.
We are waiting to hear about your success and our long- lasting partnership is waiting for your next project.
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