Equipment & Facilities

We offer boutique cro services including cutting edge hospital-environment facilities and technology platforms to allow successful translation of pre-clinical assets to the clinical evaluation phase.

Four Operating Rooms include

  • One Hybrid Catheterization Lab
  • Two Hybrid Operating Rooms including Fluoroscopy C-arm
  • One operating room for Non-Fluoroscopy procedure
  • One PM Lab


  • CT Philips Brilliance 64 (NEW)
  • Cardiac Pulmonary Bypass Machine
  •  Fluoroscopy:
    • Philips Zenition C-arm mobile system(NEW)
    • Siemens Arcadis Avantic C-arm mobile system
    • Siemens Cios Alpha VA30(NEW)
  • Echography:
    • Philips CVX + probe TEE-3D (NEW)
    • Philips Epiq 7 + probe TEE-3D
    • Siemens Acuson 2000 + ICE
  •  Laparoscopic, Cystoscopy & Endoscopy (Karl Storz & Olympus)
  • Ophthalmic microscopy
  • Intraoperative Remote Monitoring System (NEW)
Operating Rooms including Fluoroscopy C-arm

Acclimation and follow up unit

  • Acclimation and preparation of the animal for the medical procedure
  • Post procedure treatment and follow-up
  • Blood separation & skin preparation lab

Our new equipment

Philips Brilliance 64 CT Scanner 64 slice
A 40-slice scanner collects images covering 20 to 32 millimeters in a single pass and a tightly packed 64-slice device can cover about 40 millimeters at a pass, which takes 0.4 seconds. At that rate, a 64-slice scanner can gather a high-resolution image of a heart, brain or a pair of lungs in about five seconds.

The Philips Zenition 70 is the ideal system for intensive use in interventions and surgeries. This mobile C-arm platform brings together innovations in image capture, image processing, and ease-of-use to the operating room. The Zenition allows clinicians to visualize complex structures and dense anatomy with optimal clarity and dose control.

  • Accelerated workflow with one-click exam presets and high-speed data handling.
  • Easy-to-use design with an intuitive point and shoot design.
  • Engineered for continuous imaging with new tank design to enhance heat management.
  • One click applies the required image quality parameters without applying an overly high X-ray dose.
  • Can easily be operated by one user, reducing staffing costs.

Cios Alpha is a high‐definition 2D mobile C‐arm designed to deliver the perfect balance between image quality and dose – thanks to technologies such as Retina, CARE, or its intelligent power management.

The EPIQ CVx is a dedicated cardiac ultrasound solution which brings significant advancements in functionality.
The CVx ultrasound can produce diagnostic images for cardiac, abdominal, musculoskeletal, urology, transvaginal, and small organs. The Epiq Ultrasound system offers technologies that can reduce noise in the images to improve the quality and detail of the image. Adjustments to light and shadow can be made while viewing 3D and 4D images.
The CVX includes the Philips TrueVue 3d Ultrasonic imaging, which can render a 3D anatomical structure of a fetus or organ.

High-resolution simultaneous photographing and recording of cameras for ensuring the display of all the existing equipment in the room, including the monitor, echo-machines, fluoroscopy, and the console while adjusting the display to the company’s needs.

  • Remote demonstration of full operation room procedures, and optional with the staff in the room using the microphone as well as hand-free microphones and on-screen annotations.
  • Capture and record selected sections (“bookmarks”) during the procedure in addition to recording the full process.
  • Voice command controlling of the cameras from the operating room


monitor view
procedure heart

Meeting Rooms

  • Meeting rooms with live case capabilities
  • Lecture halls for the teaching sessions and much more .
meeting room

Best Practice

Our work follows the best practice in the world of medical research,  verified and certified by:


Quality and Service

All facilities and activities are approved and monitored in accordance with ISO9001 (2008) standards for quality and service.


Good Laboratory Practice

Perform & ensure tests with uniformity, reliability and reproducibility

ministry of health


All research studies are coordinated and approved by the national ethics committee of Israel.

Confidentiality and Security

With health care and other sectors moves from paper to electronic data collection (RAW), providing easier access and data management, we are committed for your confidentiality and security, protecting of ‘ privacy interests against appropriate information access.

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