Pre-Clinical Services

Accelerating Your Preclinical Development Study– from early stage proof of concept to large-scale GLP. Our CRO (Contract Research Organization services include: Study design, ethical submission, model selection, protocol writing, drug and medical device performance evaluation, safety & efficacy. Professional accompaniment up to the stage of the submission of the final report.

Our experts committed to addressing all your needs, operating with high reliability and standardization, providing innovative tailored solutions, cost and time effective. We have structured a cutting-edge hospital-environment facility, a technology platform, allowing a successful translation of pre-clinical assets towards the clinical evaluation phase.

R&D studies – Preforming innovative activities and studies, supporting our customers to develop new products or improving existing products.

Facilities Use Only– We offer companies the opportunity to carry out their studies in our cutting-edge facilities, making use of our technology platforms and knowledge and at the same time enable them to conduct their studies by their own professional team, having close supervision of our veterinarians with absolute privacy. More and more companies are doing a rapid use of our facilities in order to train their doctors, technical staff, engineers and product developers.

Controlled studies – Our study directors will write the protocols, prepare test documentations, conduct the trials and final reports.

GLP- Good Laboratory Practice – We will conduct the trials, perform and ensure the tests with uniformity, reliability and reproducibility.

Other Complementary Services and Documentation:

  • Ethical committee approval (Faster than EU)
  • Protocol Documentation
  • Tailored reporting

General services:

  • Efficient use Experience & Know- how
  • Chronic Studies
  • 24h monitoring
  • Response time (short communication, infrastructure)
  • Customer tailored participation during conduction
  • Availability and flexibility

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