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Lahav C.R.O

LAHAV C.R.O (The Institute of Animal Research), Israel’s leading large animal pre-clinical Contract Research Organization, providing integrated R&D services, to the global biomedical industry and academia. All facilities and activities are accredited in accordance with GLP and ISO9001 (2015).

  • Our expertise ranges from early stage proof of concept to large-scale GLP safety and efficacy assessments for regulatory submissions.
  • We collaborate with innovative MedTech, Biotechnology and Pharma companies and academic institutions to advance the translation of their cutting edge innovative biomedical technologies.
  • Our collaborators come from all over the world and our work has contributed to the advancement of innovative products currently on the market.

Our Vision and Mission

Lahav CRO organisation is dedicated to being at the forefront of biomedical innovation.

  • We perform research and science to the highest levels, using our knowledge and extensive experience in purpose of making difference in the lives of people. 
  • Our experts committed to addressing all client’s needs, operating with high reliability and standardization, providing innovative tailored solutions, accelerated timelines and reduced costs. We have structured a cutting-edge hospital-environment facility, a technology platform, allowing a successful translation of pre-clinical assets towards the clinical evaluation phase.
  • We will continue to serve our customers with uncompromising excellence.
lahav C.R.O building

Our History

Lahav CRO (The Institute of Animal Research) was established at kibbutz Lahav in 1963.

It was founded by members of the kibbutz, with the assistance of 3 pioneers of the agricultural research in Israel, who left us their vision to guide our way: Prof. Helmut Epstein, Prof. Ram Moav and Prof. Yoash Vaadia.

Lahav CRO operates as an active Contract Research Organization (CRO) as of 1996, and has since conducted hundreds of studies in a wide range of research models. Today we are Israel’s leading large animal pre-clinical Contract Research Organization.

We serve local and global customers from multiple disciplines, including pharmaceutical and medical device companies, academia, and government research institutes.





Winning the high court justice and receiving recognition of the position of the facility as a Research Institute



Development of inbreed between an Ibex and a goat.



First cardiac operating room.



Receiving ISO9001


December 2017

Launching new 3D Hybrid Catheterization operating Room

December 2017


Receiving GLP – Accreditation



Lahav CRO companies has assembled a team of passionate leaders from the biomedical industry, bringing together their experiences and expertise in large animal pre-clinical studies. 

Our experts are committed to addressing the needs of our customers, by providing innovative tailored solutions, accelerated timelines, reduced costs and passion of making life changing breakthroughs.

Our team includes four veterinarians with broad experience in surgical research and drug & cro medical development, experienced animal technicians, study directors, Facility Manager and QA Department passion of making life changing.


Nimrod Gutman

B.Sc. , CEO

Rinat Eilat

M.Sc., BD Sales & Marketing Manager

Amir Sherman

DVM , Chief Scientific Officer

Nati Amouyal

BSc M.B.A , Facility Manager

Shelly Hazan

B.Sc Agr, Quality Assurance

Eliav Prizda

M.B.A , Director of Finance

Udi Vazana

PhD, Study Department Manager

Our team includes:

  • Chief Scientist
  • Facility Manager
  • 4 Veterinarians with broad experience in surgical research,
    drug & medical development
  • 1 Institutional veterinarian
  • 4 Study Directors
  • QA department
  • 15 Experienced animal technicians

Ethical Code

Lahav CRO operates under clear principals of minimizing the pain and suffering of the subject animal. Our operations are in accordance with the “animal suffering” regulations. All cro research studies are coordinated and approved by the national ethics committee for animal studies in Israel.

Years of experience in animal research and breading herds, allow us to guide our customers in planning study protocols before submission to the ethical committee. We provide them with valuable inputs (such as test methods and their frequency, blood sampling and anesthetic procedures) that allow them to minimize the suffering of the subject animal. Minimizing the animal’s pain also helps in the prevention of physiological side effects such as stress that may impact the results of the animal study.

All studies performed in the CRO (clinical research organization) are in accordance with all applicable laws and regulation, including animal protection laws and ethical laws and animal’s welfare.

Animals are housed stress free. Our professional staff, both of the animal technicians and the veterinarians are at an immediate response.

All procedure is under the supervision and solely responsible of by our Veterinaries.

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Lahav CRO is Israel’s leading innovative large animal pre-clinical GLP accredited CRO. One of core therapeutical areas we focus on is Cardiovascular research. It would be great to meet you at the coming ICI meeting at our booth to discuss your Cardiovascular project.