We have specialized in the pre-clinical evaluation and development of novel therapeutics and medical devices in wide range of  therapeutic areas.

Our expertise ranges from early stage proof of concept to large-scale studies, safety and efficacy assessments for regulatory submissions.

We serve as a One stop shop by providing comprehensive integrated services from study design to execution including ethical submission, model selection, protocol writing, drug and medical device performance evaluation, study analysis and final reports.

Our Value Proposition 

  • Deep Knowledge and Demonstrated Experience with Large Animal Studies.
  • Large Scale Pre-Clinical Studies Enabled By:
    • In-house large animal (pigs) breeding facility with constant availability of pigs with high variation in size and stress-free animals (no transportation).
    • Constant follow-Up And Supervision of Animals.
  • Expedited Ethical Committee Approval.
  • All Under One Roof: From Large Animals Breeding to large scale Studies.
  • State of The Art follow-up -environment Facilities:
    • Surgical suites, imaging equipment, acclimation and follow up units.
  • Strong Team, Experienced Veterinarians & Network of Surgeons.
  • Innovative Large Animal Disease Models.
  • Innovative and Tailored Solutions Through the Entire Pre-Clinical Phase

Therapeutic Areas

We have extensive experience in cardiovascular and broad range of other therapeutic areas: Dermatology, Gastrointestinal, Metabolic Disorders, Renal & Urinary, Respiratory, Dental Medicine, Orthopedic, Pain Management and Drug Delivery.


Left sided heart failure:

We are currently attempting to create a model of left sided chronic heart failure (CHF). Our methods are leading to a gradual and complete obstruction of the arteries and increased pre-load flow to the heart. The goal is to achieve a dilated left ventricle, with thinning of the ventricular walls and an enlarged mitral valve annulus resulting in Mitral regurgitation (MR).

The potential value of this model is that it will enable to supply animals suffering from left sided CHF to companies developing therapeutics indicated for treatment of left sided CHF, enlarged Mitral annulus and MR.

There are few successful models of CHF which do not result in acute death of the animals. Most of the existing models in large animals result in a high rate of acute mortality. All the procedures performed in the model are transcatheter. They do not require surgical opening of the chest, thus leaving the chest clean from adhesions when implanting test devices.

The establishment of this model in pigs will enable chronic evaluation of test devices in animal with comparable size and anatomy to humans (as opposed to rodent models). This will enable evaluation of efficacy of test devices, in addition to safety evaluation under pathological conditions

Best Practice

Our work follows the best practice in the world of medical research,  verified and certified by:


Quality and Service

All facilities and activities are approved and monitored in accordance with ISO9001 (2008) standards for quality and service.


Good Laboratory Practice

Perform & ensure tests with uniformity, reliability and reproducibility

ministry of health


All research studies are coordinated and approved by the national ethics committee of Israel.

Confidentiality and Security

With health care and other sectors moves from paper to electronic data collection (RAW), providing easier access and data management, we are committed for your confidentiality and security, protecting of ‘ privacy interests against appropriate information access.

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