• Lahav CRO operates under clear principals of minimizing the pain and suffering of the subject animal. Our operations are in accordance with the “animal suffering” regulations, and NRI constitution. All research studies are coordinated and approved by the national ethics committee for animal studies in Israel.
  • Years of experience in animal research and breading herds of research animals, allow us to guide our customers in planning study protocols before submission to the ethical committee. We provide them with valuable inputs (such as test methods and their frequency, blood sampling and anesthetic procedures) that allow them to minimize the suffering of the subject animal. Minimizing the animal’s pain also helps in the prevention of physiological side effects such as stress that may impact the results of the animal study.
  • All studies research services in accordance with all applicable laws and regulation, including animal protection laws and ethical laws and animal’s welfare.
  • The research institute is adjacent to the hospital facilities, animals are staying in house stress free with 24h monitoring service. Our professional staff, both of the nurturing and the veterinarians are in an immediate response.
  • All procedure is under the supervision and solely responsible of by our Veterinaries.

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