Pig Model of Acute Heart Failure

The domestic pig is considered an ideal experimental choice to study human myocardial ischemia, due to size, vascular anatomy, ventricular performance and electrophysiology.

Open and closed-chest methods have been used for induction of MI in pigs. Open-chest (surgical) models have the advantage of easy access for precise control of site of occlusion and direct visual assessment of contractile function. To avoid the trauma associated with thoracotomy or sternotomy and its possible effects on cardiac function, several closed-chest techniques, mainly by means of percutaneous catheterization, have been developed. We have the ability to perform open chest and close chest models as regard to client request. Having all equipment and know how to make it reproduceable with Echo assessment, necropsy and histopathology. This model mainly used in new drug proof of concept trying to minimize myocardial damage.

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