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Medical Cannabis

Evaluation of Safety and Ffficacy of Cannabinoid – Based Drugs or Drug- Device Combinations Respiratory drug delivery, intubation device.

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Doctor measuring blood pressure of patient


Myocardial ischemia / reperfusion injury,  coronary diseases, acute and chronic heart failure, cardiopulmonary bypass. Evaluation of safety and efficacy of cardiovascular therapeutics and medical devices

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The doctor examines the patient.


Evaluation of safety and efficacy of Gastrointestinal therapeutics and medical devices. Oral administration Laparoscopic surgery Endoscopic procedures (Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy) Bariatric surgery Post- surgical adhesion pig

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Dermatology CRO

Acute and chronic wound healing, burns, topical treatments, local delivery. Evaluation of safety and efficacy of dermal drugs, devices and dressings. Wound healing (chronic and

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blood testing

Metabolic Diabetes

Diabetes, Diabetes related implantable devices and drugs. Evaluation of safety and efficacy of metabolic drugs and medical devices. Translational large animal disease model (pig) for

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Renal & Urinary disorders

Urinary and renal drug delivery by cystoscope Ureters catheterization Intrarenal surgery Cystoscopy Cystostomy Evaluation of safety and efficacy of urinary and renal therapeutics and medical

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Female physician adjusting respiratory support while standing next to patient


Evaluation of safety and efficacy of respiratory therapeutics and medical devices. Intubation devices Drug delivery Navigation

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dental check


Dental implants Evaluation of safety and efficacy of dental devices Dental Implants in Minipig Oral Models  

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blood testing

Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine

Minimal invasive local delivery to multiple organs including urinary systems, respiratory drug delivery, local drug delivery, dermal delivery. CARPA-phenomenon (Complement Activation-Related Pseudo Allergy) pig model

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